Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lights within the darkness

The nights are lengthening and we are moving deeper into the dark time of the year. The Sun moved into Scorpio at the weekend, joining Mercury and Venus which have been there for a couple of weeks already, with tomorrow's new moon adding to the Scorpio energy. It's almost Samhain, and Scorpio connects deeply with the cycle of death and rebirth. In the past, this was the time when livestock where slaughtered and the meat preserved and stored for the winter ahead. This is a time when the physical reality of death and decay is all around us, as the sap dies back, the leaves fall from the trees, and nature prepares for a time of dormancy. The need for fallow time is not much acknowledged in our rushed western society, but it is necessary, whether to allow our creativity to flourish or simply to keep us in good health.

Scorpio is the sign of fixed water, of deep rooted emotions and the unconscious self. It's a sign known for mystery, desire, drama and passion. At the heart of Scorpio is a need for emotional security - the fixed waters of Scorpio feelings run deep, and fear vulnerability. The shadow side of this can lead to jealousy, possessiveness and issues of power and control. However Scorpio is fiercely loyal and courageous, not afraid to face difficult truths head on. Indeed seeking the truth, however painful or hidden, is another key motivator for those with a strong Scorpio energy. Once their passion and fascination is aroused, they will search tenaciously to penetrate the mystery. This ability to get beneath the surface means that Scorpios often find themselves carrying the secrets of others, usually whilst carefully keeping their own secrets to themselves.

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, the sign of Scorpio demands a breaking down of structures, a surrender to the darkness. This can be challenging, especially if Scorpio energy is not prominent in our chart, but it is necessary. Without a dying back of the old, energy cannot be released - it takes time for structures to break down and turn into compost fertile enough to allow rebirth. Scorpio is not afraid to travel into the underworld, and to show us the mystery at the heart of life.

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